Included. For Life.

At Ikos Resorts, we know that the luxury of choosing freely is only the start of your journey. The real measure of a holiday is when a magical moment turns into a cherished memory. So at the heart of the Ikos Resorts all-inclusive offering, it’s not just premium products and services we have envisaged. It’s the freedom to select the memory of a lifetime.

Dream Free & Collect Memories

It’s not just the elegant design of your spacious accommodation or private pool that will enchant you. It’s the silky touch that makes you feel like a princess in a fairy tale.

It’s not just the selection of menus crafted by Michelin-starred chefs and 300 wine labels. It’s the uncontrollable laughter shared with your family that creates a feeling of complete happiness.

It’s not just the endless list of activities you can choose from. It’s the photo on your desk that captures the moment they fell in love with a new sport, creating a bond for a lifetime.

It’s not just luxuriating in a signature spa treatment designed just for you. It’s the feeling of time standing still, set free to dream at last.

At Ikos Resorts, even your memories are Included. For Life.